Rheumatic Heart Disease in the Young


RHeaDY (Rheumatic Heart Disease in the Young) is a nonprofit organization launched to compensate for the medical care of children and adolescents diagnosed with rheumatic or congenital heart disease detected during population-based echocardiographic screening.


The formation of RHeaDY was motivated by the documentation of high rates of rheumatic and congenital heart disease in a clinical study designed to investigate the impact of early detection of clinically silent rheumatic heart disease among schoolchildren on progression of valvular lesions and development of cardiovascular complications (rhedproject).


Challenged by our findings in the setting of our research program, RHeaDY was established with the objective to close the gap between clinical research and medical care of the ones in need, and to translate research into action.


RHeaDY builds on a strong north-south collaboration, promotes local capacity strenghthening and advocates for the setup of active surveillance for rheumatic heart disease in endemic regions with comprehensive secondary prevention programs.